Why do you think so few girls study STEM? In a recent survey to our greenlight girls, this is what they told us:


Our society has evolved that way.

Because girls are quieter and don't do many "sciency" things.

They don't know what you can do if you learn about them.

Because it can be boring

Because many science teachers are boring.

Because they're geeks (in a good way).

Because they do not like it

Because they think it isn't creative enough.

They probably think that only boys can do that.

Because girls weren't allowed to

Because it has been known to be a male profession.

Because they don't know how cool science is or they are just not interested.

Because its difficult

Because girls prefer business and stuff

Because men usually do them and they aren't as creative.

Because they are more interested in dancing, sport., but this may be the parents' interests.

They don't think it's interesting

Maybe they don't think it's important enough and they need opportunities!

They think it's nerdy

It has been scientifically proven that girls tend to be better at other subjects

They haven't experienced it