3rd Annual greenlight for girls day in South Coast - April 6th!


150 girls yell ā€œIā€™m proud to be a Science Geek!ā€


 We call it a good day when 150 girls yell in unison, “I’m proud to be a science geek!”at the top of their lungs.  Saturday, June 2nd at UMass Dartmouth, was certainly one of those days. 150 girls aged 10-15 gathered at the University of Massachusetts--Dartmouth, to explore activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The day included a plenary session with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Scientist Andone Lavery and greenlight for girls Founder Melissa Rancourt. During the day girls were treated to a variety of hands-on workshops that included learning about physics using paper airplanes, exploring medicine by suturing fake skin, and discovering the science behind natural beauty products. In addition to the eleven workshops, the girls had the opportunity to explore marine life when the New Bedford Ocean Explorium's mobile van was on sight during lunch. The day concluded with a closing session that saw the science in dasies and the cheers of 150 happy girls. We can't wait until next year!


May visit to New Bedford

On May 23, Greenlight for girls will visit Our Sisters’ School in New Bedford, MA to provide a preview of the types of workshops that will be at our Greenlight for girls Day New England South Coast on June 2.

During our visit, Greenlight for girls Chairwoman Melissa Rancourt and g4g Education Chair Sarah Thomas will hold two workshops for a combined group of fifth and sixth graders and seventh and eighth graders. Lisa Yates the Executive Director is excited about the project because she says OSS is “All about STEM!” In other news, some of the OSS Americorps teachers will be workshop leaders at our June 2 event.

Stay tuned to receive updates of how the visit went and what to expect in the June 2nd Event. 


SAVE THE DATE, 2nd Annual Greenlight for Girls Day - SouthCoast! Saturday June 2nd 2012

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First-ever US Greenlightforgirls.org Event took place on 11 June 2011!


Greenlightforgirls.org, in partnership with The Kaput Center, hosted an all-day FREE event for girls age 11-15 years-old to learn about Science and Technology. 150 girls chose to attend 3 of a possible 17 workshops. The workshops relate to topics in the fields of Science, Health & Beauty, Oceanography and Engineering.  Take a look at all the workshops here: list of workshops (pdf file)!

The Kaput Center also held an Invention Contest for girls attending this event. Prizes were offered for the top 3 most creative inventions.

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