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First-ever TEDxKids@Brussels gives Greenlight to Kids & Tech

Cheryl and g4g volunteer, Alia Papageorgiou, had a blast at the first-ever TEDxKids@Brussels at St. John's International School in Waterloo, on 1 June 2011!  We made plenty of new friends, exciting future collaborators and partners, and got wonderful feedback about our g4g work.


1100 "Technoladies" at Red Carpet Event in Brussels

On 25 May 2011, partnered with Agoria, the association of Belgian technology companies, to give women working in the sector real "red carpet" treatment for an evening.  Technoladies welcomed 1100 guests and pampered everyone with wonderful food, high-tech treats and empowering words delievered by women role models from Belgium and around the world, like our heroine Jane McGonigal. was thrilled to take part in an event so much in the spirit of our own events--this time for well-deserving "big" girls! :)  See more pictures here.


European School Gives Greenlight for Science!

On 21 May, volunteers were asked to visit the European School in Mol, Belgium to inspire children about science! Watch the video and see how we did!


Global Campaign for Women's & Girls' Education 

On 11 May, and Serve the City partnered with two after-school programs, Caria and Epée, in the Marolles area of Brussels, Belgium to highlight the importance of education for girls and women.  Ellen Geerts, from the ESERO project of the European Space Agency, Erin Anzelmo and Cheryl Miller led two fun science activities for a group of 25 girls, and a few exceptional boys, who enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly.  Children from the after-school program "Caria" also read moving testimonials from girls and women whose lives have been changed by gaining access to basic education.  The activity was part of the week-long Global Campaign for Education for Girls and Women.


500 Girls get the Greenlight at ASML Girlsday

On 16 April, in celebration of Girlsday 2011, helped Dutch company ASML give 500 girls and their mothers the greenlight to experience science and technology in fun and exciting ways. We were honored to contribute, along with several partners, to the first-ever such ASML event encouraging girls to pursue science and technology. "DaisyChain" members led workshops on "Breaking Down & Rebuilding your Computer" and "Song of the Stars," and we carried out several activities in the ASML Tech Market, including Labcoat Decoration, the Daisy Experiment, Chemistry for Life and Dancing to Learn.

ASML Girlsday 2011

(Click picture above for more photos!

It was awesome to be involved in an event which so perfectly reflects the mission to "promote science, technology, math and engineering to girls of all ages and backgrounds."  Seeing the smiles and looks of wonderment all day long on the faces of the moms and girls -- and all the marvelous ASML and volunteers -- was also a tremendous joy.


100th International Women's Day

To show our solidarity with women in war-torn communities around the globe, and in honor of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, organized two "Women on the Bridge" events in Budapest and Bangalore on 8 March 2011.  To find out what happened in Budapest in the context of the "Women in Science, Innovation & Technology in the Digital Age" Conference, and with a huge outpouring of support by our partners at the European Center for Women and Technology, check out the above YouTube video. Visit our Flickr page to see all the fabulous pictures. 

To find out more about the "Women on the Bridge" global initiative, please visit!


Visit to World-Famous Robot ASIMO

On 23 February 2011, with the gracious support of Honda Motor Europe, 40 greenlight girls from Sint-JanBerchman's Elementary School in the Marolles in Brussels, made a visit to the world-famous robot, ASIMO at his studio in Zaventem, Belgium.

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