Delphine Lebédel

How did you become a greenlight girl and why?

I was giving a talk at FOSDEM in Feb 2012 about Women in Mozilla, and more generally about how to involve more women in Open Source. At the end of my talk, a very interesting lady came up to talk to me. It was Cheryl, the EU director for Greenlight for Girls, who came to talk to me.

I realized we shared the same ideas and principles. When she described the Greenlight for Girls project to me, I realized that this was exactly the kind of thing that we were working in the same direction, with the same objective. I found it therefore absolutely natural to work together and "combining our strengths", rather than working each on our own side.

What is the first thing you notice about people/society?

 That people and society can be so wonderfully beautiful and so horribly ugly. There are many things that have to change, and I like to think that I try to do this at my own, even if small, level...

What is your favorite Science?

Computers and the Internet! I've always been attracted to computers and as a woman, I know there is no good reason that it should continue to be a male-dominated field. That is why I want to fight and get more women into STEM fields.

 What is your favorite science related tv show or book?

Big Bang Theory!!! Sheldon just cracks me up. And it reminds me of my work environment and... me! :)

Any advice for the young girls out there?

Do what you want and don't let others influence you. Don't stay in a "conventional" path dictated by society. The most successful ideas and projects emerged from the most crazy ideas, and ideas that no one even believed in at first. So be independent and go out there and ROCK THE WORLD! :D


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