greenlight for girls EU Stakeholder for eSkills Week 2012

greenlight for girls is joining forces with European Schoolnet, DIGITALEUROPE and other pan-European stakeholders to help promote skills for the digital marketplace to European citizens, with a particular focus on youth, as a part of European eSkills Week 2012 taking place on 26-30 March 2011.

In conjunction with Agoria, Belgian contact point for eSkills Week 2012, greenlight for girls aims to run a series of hands-on workshops for kids in Belgian schools on topics related to "The Internet," with support from private companies and organizations specializing in areas such as:

  • How the Internet Works
  • Child Safety Online
  • Digital Media Literacy
  • Netiquette & Online Bullying
  • Online Data Privacy
  • Information Security

We also seek to run actual or virtual versions of the workshops in other European locations during eSkills Week, and are currently seeking partners and sponsors interested in supporting us.

European eSkills Week is an initiative of the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry seeking to address youth unemployment by promoting science, ICT, engineering and mathematics. It is a grass roots campaign focused on showing people how to get jobs and e-skills for life in the digital age. 



Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011 Inspires Girls to Study Math & Science!


On Saturday, 26 November 2011, over 250 schoolgirls from Brussels descended on the International School of Brussels, host to the second annual Greenlight@Brussels Day, an event promoting science, technology engineering and mathematics ("STEM") to 11-15 year old girls.  With over 100 hands-on workshops run by role-model scientists, engineers and technology experts, and a Fun Lab full of the latest high-tech gadgetry and science experiments, attendees were exposed to a wide array of exciting activities to inspire them to pursue technical studies and careers.  The event was also officially part of EU Robotics Week and the International Year of Chemistry 2011.

The feedback shows an impact:

In a follow-up survey to the event, a full 94 percent of girls who attended Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011 said the event encouraged them to pursue science subjects, and this from some who are not currently enrolled in science studies.

"We are amazed and excited that the feedback from the girls is so positive," says greenlight for girls European Director, Cheryl Miller.  "We hope for this kind of outcome from the events we do, but to see such a big impact in practice is really great," she adds.

Just getting started: 

"In our first year, greenlight for girls has run over fifteen free events in Europe, the US and Africa," says greenlight for girls Founder, Melissa Rancourt.  "In 2012, we plan to build out our 'daisychain' network in Europe, India and Africa, and South America too," she says, "and we're really looking forward to seeing such success repeat itself around the world."

More positive feedback:

Further testimony from the hundreds of event volunteers and participants at Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011 attests to the variety of activities held and the excitement the event generated.  A sampling of feedback when asked about their "favorite part of the day" includes:

  • seeing girls carrying worms around
  • getting dirty from the big bang theory workshop
  • all their questions about the Solar plane
  • seeing girls participate in the Mars ESA mission
  • learning the science of beauty and the engineering of fashion design
  • being live news reporters and photographers during the day
  • discovering life in a test tube
  • being a part of a global water experiment
  • shooting a rocket outside
  • guessing the magician’s tricks
  • painting their labcoats with designs and messages about girls and science
  • making daisies change colours
  • linking music to science
  • building the internet
  • programming robots
  • designing my dream home

The greenlight for girls Foundation and their Board Members in Brussels, Cheryl and Melissa, express their gratutide to everyone who contributed to the success of Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011, including Keynote Speaker Annie Chen from Google, and a vast list of partners and sponsors.  More information on the event itself, including photos, video and workshop output, will be shared here in the coming days and weeks.


Final Countdown for Brussels!


The excitement is building as we finalize details for our second annual "Greenlight@Brussels Day," 2011 edition, taking place tomorrow 26 November at the International School of Brussels! 

This year, there are close to 300 registered attendees, more than 100 workshops and over one hundred volunteers ready to share their knowledge about Science & Technology in a fun and hands-on way with girls from all over Brussels.

If you want to follow along with the excitement, please be sure to find us on Twitter and Facebook.  And if you'd like to tweet along, the event hashtag is #g4gbxl2011!  See you there!


Announcing Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011!

Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011, our second annual FREE event promoting science and technology in fun and exciting ways to girls, aged 11 to 15 from the Brussels area, is officially launched! Building on the terrific success of last year's event -- where 200 girls enjoyed a full day of inspiring speakers, hands-on workshops, and a Fun Lab showcasing the latest in high-tech gadgets and scientific innovations -- Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011 will be our biggest and best greenlight for girls event ever!

To find out more about the event, and to register starting on 21 October, please follow this link:

In the meantime, have a first look at our posters for the event, and feel free to download copies of it yourself -- in English, Dutch and French -- to share around your school, office, civic centers, daycare, etc. 

Feel free to contact us if you/your organization would like to participate, collaborate or sponsor our event, and thanks for helping us get the word out!

Thank you to our Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011 sponsors: (A)WAY Magazine, Boston University Brussels, Cisco, International School of Brussels, and Microsoft!




500 Girls get the Greenlight at ASML Girlsday

On 16 April, in celebration of Girlsday 2011, helped Dutch company ASML give 500 girls and their mothers the greenlight to experience science and technology in fun and exciting ways. We were honored to contribute, along with several partners, to the first-ever such ASML event encouraging girls to pursue science and technology. "DaisyChain" members led workshops on "Breaking Down & Rebuilding your Computer" and "Song of the Stars," and we carried out several activities in the ASML Tech Market, including Labcoat Decoration, the Daisy Experiment, Chemistry for Life and Dancing to Learn.

ASML Girlsday 2011

(Click picture above for more photos!

It was awesome to be involved in an event which so perfectly reflects the mission to "promote science, technology, math and engineering to girls of all ages and backgrounds."  Seeing the smiles and looks of wonderment all day long on the faces of the moms and girls -- and all the marvelous ASML and volunteers -- was also a tremendous joy.