Congolese girls are looking forward to another g4g day of science fun 

Greenlight for girls is proud to announce our second event in Kinshasa, DRC on 17 November, 2012. Following our public event two weeks ago sharing the latest research of science and girls in Africa, plans are underway for our next event to inspire girls in the area to consider studies and careers in STEM subjects. We have an open call for volunteers, partners and sponsors to contribute to this special event! Contact us to find out how you can contribute, info@greenlightforgirls.org.

Help us to distribute this flyer to schools, students, teachers, parents and the DRC community!

Find out the details of our event here.


Greenlight for girls day in KINSHASA - November 2011


Our very first, and no doubt one of many, Greenlight for girls science days was held in Kinshasa, DRC on November 12th 2011. After several successful events in Europe and America we knew that we could not leave Africa behind especially considering that studies have shown that when they get a chance to enter school, African girls do better than boys. We also acknowledge that there is a lack of girls in the Science field in Africa in general due to economic as well as social factors. So what better way to promote Science and help encourage young girls to pursue it than to hold a Science day filled with several interactive workshops from Botany to Architecture to Medicine and Astronomy and many more!

Who was involved?

We used this opportunity to use local Congolese workshop leaders that are professionals in the Science field to demonstrate some of the experiments, inspire the girls and show that science is in fact all around us! We learnt that some of the girls would like to go into the SMET (Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology) field if they knew more about it and if they had the right resources. Thus our event, even though small, helped provide this knowledge to the girls and most of all inspire them to pursue their goals. The use of local professionals in the STEM field helped show the girls that it is possible for them to pursue a scientific career.

Positive feedback:

74 girls between the ages of 10-15 and from 4 different schools attended the event and left feeling like they could engage in the science field and were surprised with how fun science actually is. Many wanted the event to last longer and most cannot wait for the event to return next year.  The impressions the girls left with inspired us to create a slide show encompassing some of the quotes written by the girls taking part in the event.

Here are some more:

(i) J’ai aimé, c’était vraiment magnifique.  En tout cas, je me plonge dans le monde scientifique en commençant par la chimie. Je remercie tous ceux qui nous ont enseignés –

(ii) C’était génial, j’ai appris beaucoup de choses en math, botanique, médecine et architecture. Vous m’avez encore  encouragé à faire ce dont je rêve de faire. Merci beaucoup car j’ai compris : comment l’œil est grand et intéressant mais surtout non négligeable ; comment les maths interviennent dans tous les domaines de la vie ; ma maison de rêve, je la prépare déjà dès aujourd’hui ; et conserver les plantes, demande une volonté énorme. Merci beaucoup

(iii) The day was very fun. The classes that I took were also very interesting. I had a great time. I hope that they do this again.

So what’s next?

After such a successful and yet small event we plan to make the next one even bigger and better encompassing more workshops, workshop leaders and including more schools.

We have used some of the lessons learnt from this experience to create a committee that will work on hosting the next Science day this November. Keep an eye out for updates on how the planning is progressing.

If you would like to get involved and become a part of this wonderful project please do not hesitate to contact us and help us spread the wonderful world of science!