How did you become a greenlight girl?

I moved to Denmark in December 2010. As part of my “European Education” I tried to go to as many conferences that I could. In May 2011 I was in Brussels and heard Cheryl, the EU Director of g4g, speak about greenlight for girls, and I immediately knew that that is what I wanted to be involved in.  I went straight up to Cheryl after her presentation and basically asked “where can I sign up?”

What is about greenlight for girls which drew you to become a Country Manager?

I LOVE science, I LOVE being organised, I LOVE event planning and I am very passionate about gender issues, and encouraging girls to give STEM a go! I also LOVE a challenge, and setting up greenlightforgirls DENMARK, as a non-native Dane, really inspires me to learn the language, connect with my community and experience the Danish culture.

Describe greenlight for girls in one word?


What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

“Education is the key to a happy and successful future, one where you are able to make informed decisions about your life, and take an active role as a leader in your community. It empowers you and opens a world of possibilities, so that you can decide who you want to be and how you will contribute to the planet.”

Any advice for the young girls out there?

Finding something you love to do is important, but also finding something that is rewarding, challenging and motivating – these are the keys for continued success and happiness in your life. Educate yourself and continue to learn and experience new things. That’s how you’ll know what best suits you and your future ambitions will be realized through this process of life long learning.