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Girls Interested In Real Life Sciences (GIRLS) Continues Wednesday 3/13


This Wednesday, March 13, the Girls Interested in Real Life Science (GIRLS) speaker series welcomes Carolina Nobre, Research Associate, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to the Ocean Explorium.  The series is free and open to the public, thanks to the generous support of the Women’s Fund, a fund of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts

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3rd Annual greenlight for girls day in South Coast - April 27th!

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Greenlight girls constructed the largest daisy in the world 


Where did we find the largest daisy in the world?  At the European School in Mol, Belgium at our greenlight for girls event on 24 November.  More than 200 girls constructed a very large daisy – not only because this flower is the logo of g4g, but also because a daisy reminds us that there is science and math in everything around us.  This video, created by our special JRC European Commission team, shares the special story of the day and the end result of our daisy chain of greenlight girls.


Our first greenlight for girls day in the Flanders area of Belgium was a huge success.  200+ girls, 100 volunteers and loads of fun science experiments.  The girls attended workshops ranging from the science of slime, learning how real astronauts live in space and eating real astronaut ice cream too, learning the story behind cancer and the importance of our kidneys -  as well as one of the favourites, Chemical Gardening!


From a giant Xperilab bus with physics and chemistry experiments on-the-go to a real fireman truck with all the gear (that we all wore and tried out!), the day was clearly marked by many activities and lots of fun!


Some girls came from far away – some had to leave their home at 6am on a Saturday in order to join us!  They all arrived and left with smiles on their face, experienced the fun in science, made new friends and had the chance to dream about their future.


These girls’ voices were heard at the end of the day.  Not only did they close the programme by sharing with one another what they’ve learned in their sessions, they also shared a very special message to give to greenlight girls around the world.  200 girls yelled (VERY loudly), “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” – their voices reverberating off the cafeteria walls.  We know that our greenlight girls in Africa, US, Brazil, India and the rest of Europe heard them loud and clear.  The message is out – these girls know that their future is full of possibilities.


We would like to thank all our partners EC-JRM-IRMM, SCK-CEN, Janssen Pharmaceutical, VITO for their support and the European School Mol (ESMOL) and its Parents Association for hosting us in their wonderful school!  We send our special thanks to the best project managers we could have had – Ms. Sonia Mohan and Mr. Jeroen Masson – who saw to every aspect of the event and made this a truly special day for everyone.


See you next year Mol!



Congolese girls are looking forward to another g4g day of science fun

Greenlight for girls is proud to announce our second event in Kinshasa, DRC on 17 November, 2012. Following our public event two weeks ago sharing the latest research of science and girls in Africa, plans are underway for our next event to inspire girls in the area to consider studies and careers in STEM subjects. We have an open call for volunteers, partners and sponsors to contribute to this special event! Contact us to find out how you can contribute,

Help us to distribute this flyer to schools, students, teachers, parents and the DRC community!

Find out the details of our event here.


Greenlight for girls launches in a new country! On to Brazil!

Just less than 2 years since our first event, greenlight for girls is thrilled to announce that we are launching our activities in Brazil.  Now working on 5 continents, we are lucky to be working with over 700 volunteers world-wide and have reached more than 3,500 girls.  Ouro Branco is our first stop in Brazil.  Join us for our events during the entire week of 24 September 2012.

The week begins with our signature event taking place over 2 days in Minas Gerais at the Universidade Federal de São João Del – Rei following with greenlight for girls events in the classroom of local schools throughout the week.  We would like to thank our amazing contributors who are getting ready for our big events – our g4g Brazil Country Manager and g4g country team of physicists and scientists, all our volunteers & workshop leaders and the incredible organisations who are sponsoring us.  Big thanks to the Universidade Federal de São João Del – ReiCAPES (Coordination for the improvement of higher education personnel) and the FAPEMIG agency (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Minas Gerais).

Read here for the more details on our event. 


Breaking news! g4g Global Scholarship launches in India!

Greenlight for Girls believes that the future is full of possibilities and that every girl has the right to dream big. But there are bright girls in many parts of the world for whom accessing the possibilities that life has to offer is a bit of a challenge.  We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a grant to provide college-level education in STEM-related areas to girls in disadvantaged communities around the world.  Our first stop is Bangalore in India.  Known as the Silicon Valley of India, roughly 10% of Bangalore’s population lives in slums. 8 girls with exceptional academic records with dreams of pursuing a career in Science have been chosen and greenlight for girls would help funding their college education through the Global Scholarship initiative. After Bangalore, Greenlight for Girls will replicate the project in other parts of the world.  We invite you to take part in helping to send these 8 bright girls to university.


Join the Chain of Change now! Help fund their college scholarship!

Click here: Provide Scholarship For 8 Bright Girls In India 

Read more about the girls and the project here!


Science Library on the Move makes its landing in India

The books sent on July 1st from the United States were very well recieved by the children in the Parikrma schools in India!

Here are some photographs of the girls quickly getting stuck into them. 

Stay tuned to see the children from Cameroon recieve their batch!

At the Parikrma school in Sahakarnagar

At the Parikrma school in Jayanagra

At the Parikrma school in Koramangala

At the Parikrma school in Nandhini Layout



Greenlight@Brussels Day 2012 Announced

We are thrilled to announce that on Saturday, 13 October, Brussels-based international foundation, greenlight for girls, will be hosting our third-annual Greenlight@Brussels Day ("g4gbxl12") at the International School of Brussels.

As always for this event, we look forward to welcoming up to three hundred 11-15 year old girls from the greater Brussels area to participate in a day full of fun, hands-on workshops -- lead by voluneteer professionals from sceince and technology-related fields -- aiming to inspire girls to follow studies and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). At last year's g4gBxl11 event, more than 250 girls took part in over one hundred workshops and activities on themes like "The Science of Digital Music," "Greenlight Mission to Mars," and "Design Your own Dream House".

We are always looking for individuals and organizations interested in collaborating with us to provide onsite support, workshop leaders and content and financial support for the day so we can keep this amazing day free and open for all attendees.  So if you or your organization would like to contribute to helping us deliver Greenlight@Brussels Day 2012, please contact us or sign up to attend the g4gbxl12 Info Evening at 19:00 on 3 September in Brussels.

Registration for g4gbxl12 will open online here on 10 September 2012!


Mission Accomplished!

 On 18 and 19 July 2012, in Portland, Oregon, thirty 11-16 year old girls participated in a fantastic two-day Greenlight@OSCON Days 2012 event at OSCON -- leading simulated missions to Mars with LEGO Mindstorm robots. To carry out their missions, the girls had help from ten amazing volunteer role models from the science and technology fields, and they were inspired by several speakers -- from O'Reilly Media, Black Duck Software, New Relic, Stormpath, Friends of the Children - Portland, and NASA -- who convinced them just how fun and enriching careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are!

Everyone had a terrific time, and most of all, the girls were inspired to learn and do more with programming, robots and science, and to consider studies and careers in areas they may never have thought of before.

So a big "Mission Accomplished" to the girls who participated in our amazing g4g OSCON event, and huge thanks to our wonderful sponsors and partners who made this fantastic event possible!  We look forward to future Greenlight@OSCON Days and other g4g events with the open source community in the near future!

For pictures of the event please visit our g4g Flickr page here!






Science Library, Currently in the Air!

 On 27 June, in Boston University Brussels, greenlight for girls launched yet another dynamic initiative to join communities around the world that have demonstrated a need for science books for children

The project itself was made possible by the generous donations of English and French books, as well as several educational toys for girls ages 8 – 15. Ultimately, the goal of this initiative was to inspire a child to be curious and start thinking about science.  This was truly a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate that science is everywhere in everything we do. Not only, was science truly redefined and rediscovered, it also enabled the creation of bridges in our international community, linking one community to another.  Ideally, the book exchange provides a learning experience for both the donor and the recipient in another part of the world.  By donating books to their peers living in more impoverished countries there is benefit on both sides of the world.

A passionate group of greenlight for girl’s volunteers in Brussels sent the books and educational toys to Cameroon, while another group in the United States sent books and educational toys to India

The books were collected from the girls attending a Greenlight for girls event. The Girls are encouraged to choose a book that they read (or would like to read) that they think would be meaningful to a contemporary in the developing world.  This is an opportunity for girls to consider the information they would like to share with their peers.

The girls made personal inscriptions written in the books, such as, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, ” in order to give the science books a personal and encouraging touch. All the volunteers involved in this project aim to expand it by spreading the world around the globe that “the future is full of possibilities”.

Greenlight for girls would like to thank Boston University Brussels for their generous support to ship the books for the launch of the g4g Science Books on the Move initiative.